Blossom Martins, Creative Director – BM Studios

“Pioneering Purpose: Fusing Passion and Technology for Enduring Event Planning Success”

We will embark on an exciting journey to explore the transformative power of merging passion with cutting-edge technology in the realm of event planning.

Join me as we delve into how the marriage of passion and technology can pave the way for enduring success and innovation in this dynamic industry.

  • Defining the intersection of passion, technology, and event planning
  • Reflecting on personal experiences and motivations
  • Discussing how technology can streamline processes, enhance creativity, and improve efficiency
  • Highlighting innovative ways technology can be leveraged to fulfill the purpose of events
  • Examining how technology can contribute to sustainability efforts in event planning

Andrius Remeikis, VP of Growth – Eventsforce Ltd

“Exceptional Delegate UX: The Key to Event Success”

The way we interact with technology online has changed the way we expect to interact with it at events. Technology enhances the attendee experience, but only when used thoughtfully.

  • We expect to be able to interact with brands in a way that feels natural and relevant to us. How about events?
  • Smooth and enjoyable experiences, from the moment we register to the moment we leave
  • Less is more!

Rob Curtis, Director – Event Footprints

“Event Measurement fundamentals and how event data can be captured and visualised to measure change”

Join Rob Curtis for an insightful talk where he will unravel the essentials of Event Measurement, through exploring how to capture and visualise event data to precisely measure change.

  • Event Measurement 5 Fundamental Areas
  • Types of tools/ Data sources
  • Behaviour Vs Belief Data
  • Pre-event/Onsite/Post-event Campaign Measurements and Growth Influence