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Ed Tranter, Managing Director at 73 Media

“With the return of live events, don’t lose the virtual gains you’ve made – how to run both successfully and why you should”

We all want a swift return to “normal”, but despite the challenges, the events hiatus has created a wealth of opportunities too. This session will focus on making sure you don’t leave value behind when the return to live happens.

  • Necessity is the mother of invention
  • Virtual v Live
  • Preparing for the return
  • Don’t lose the value

Hosted by: Martin Fullard, Editorial Director at Conference News
Panellists: Helen Moon, Laura Capel-Abra, Leigh Cowlishaw

“Managing mental health and the stresses of running an event”

Martin Fullard will lead a panel of experts to discuss best practice in managing the stresses of running events, be they live, hybrid or online.

  • Learn basic tips on pre-event mental health preparation
  • Staying focused while running an event
  • How mental wellbeing will help deliver a better client event

Sophie Ahmed, CEO & Co-Founder and Emma Hilditch, Content Director at the Virtual Events Institute

“How to increase and maintain audience engagement at your virtual and hybrid events”

How to plan for and create for virtual, hybrid and on-demand audiences. Sophie and Emma will share their thoughts and ideas around creativity, surprise, audience activation, experience and community. For all the technology, our audiences are still human. Stock up with new ideas and add human values to our event future.

  • How do you keep your audience engaged for the duration of the event?
  • Creating personalized audience journeys and experiences
  • Developing engagement techniques to extend human communication
  • The role of effective moderating for a professional and interactive experience

Max Fellows, Co Founder, Virtual Events Directory and Events Growth Specialist

“Great Expectations – The key principles driving the future of connected event experiences”

After one of the most turbulent periods for the events industry, what are key learnings and innovations that we should be taking forward? And what impact will these have on what events of the future will look like? Join me as we discuss this along with the key planning principles guiding what a successful connected event experience will look like.