Kim Myhre, Founder and Managing Partner at Experience Designed

“The Technology Enhanced Future of Event Design”

A new generation of digital-native audiences have emerged. Needs and preferences have changed and new event technologies and the digitalisation of experience, has created new expectations and new opportunities for event designers.

  • The inevitability of technology innovation
  • Living in a hybrid world
  • The reality of mixed reality experience
  • Embracing change
  • Designing the future of experience

Kelly, Breathwork Coach & Well-being Warrior at Be In Your Element

“Breath Reset to the Rhythm”

By doing certain breathing techniques you can increase the uptake of oxygen to your brain and muscles, helping you to focus and reset. I want to show you how you can control and get the maximum benefits of the breath in your everyday life….and do so in a way you would not have thought!

  • Learn techniques to help ground yourself
  • Use the breath to press the reset button
  • Learn how to move youself out of the stress response and into the relaxation response
  • Understand how to improve focus and creativity

Claudia Romero, Time Efficiency and Holistic Productivity Coach and Speaker

“Achieve More With Less Stress!”

If you are juggling, living under constant time pressure, and feeling overwhelmed, I want to show you that you can control your time and live a life with less stress.

  • Learn how to be confident knowing you can change the things that don’t serve you.
  • Learn how to simplify, prioritize and delegate in every single aspect of life.
  • Start to be in charge of your time
  • Understand how to manage your energy levels to play in your favour