Brad Davies, Managing Director – KDM Events


SolarBuddy is committed to gifting millions of solar devices to children living in energy poverty by 2030 – and today, everyone in this room will contribute by building their own light.

A fully immersive interactive presentation

Tiffany Markman, Trainer – TMWT

“Truly Creative Events Need Your Best Ideas”

If we want event experiences to stick in attendees’ minds, they must be specific, detailed and unexpected. But it often feels like we’ve already thought of everything. An idea generation process for event concepts doesn’t seem sexy at first. Where’s the magic? The lightning strike? But it is. Find out why and, more importantly, how.

  • Encounter Tiffany Markman’s Micro-Focus Methodology for creative ideation
  • Recognise (and try) out the 3 steps that work best for the pros
  • Get comfortable with the “boring” elements of the creative process
  • Access the core questions under-pinning creative events that deliver
  • Know where the creative magic sits – and how to find it, every time

Marie-Ann Sharman – Event Manager

“Interactive Traitors Team Building Experience”

Jessica Badminton, Head of Events, Quilter Plc

“Creating sustainable events that help both people and the planet”

Quilter’s Events team have launched a range of new experiments and initiatives this year, demonstrating a notable reduction in their impact on the environment, whilst also supporting local communities.

  • Case study of sustainability initiatives introduced at Quilter
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Vegetarian menu experiment
  • Leftover food donation to local families in need