Danny Bent, Speaker

“Happiness of Being You”

Listen to Danny’s unique and sometimes unconventional ways to fill your work and home life full of positivity. Packed with stories and emotion, Danny takes us on a rollercoaster ride that leaves each and every audience inspired, empowered and smiling from ear to ear.

  • Finding the positive chink in life
  • Small ideas can lead to the incredible
  • Stop striving as individuals
  • Your smile is a powerful weapon

Liz Taylor, CEO at Taylor Lynn Corporation

2021 Event Planning: Art or Science

Successful event planning embraces a dynamic mixture of skills. Inspiration, planning and creativity. This begs the question: as we move past Covid-19, has event management become more of an art form or a science?

  • THE BALANCING ACT: In 2021 how do you successfully balance ideas, budget & planning?
  • LIGHT BULB MOMENTS: Where the best event inspiration and ideas come from.
  • PLAN A, B AND C: The increased focus on meticulous event planning.
  • VALUE: How the business world values event planning, including tendering.
  • EVENT MIXOLOGY: How you can achieve the right blend of ideas and ROI.

Chris Skeith OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Event Organisers

“Creating safe environments for your audiences”

Chris will be discussing the issues event organisers are facing and ways in which to cope with the new normal.

  • Planning with confidence post pandemic – with reference to the government ‘All Secure’ Standard
  • Maintaining your strategy
  • Keeping your customers with you

John Hotowka, The Achievement Thinking Speaker

Essential resilience building strategies to keep you going in a post COVID world

In challenging times the key to working efficiently and effectively is resilience.

  • Learn one way of overcoming overwhelm
  • Learn a key tool to help you calm down and focus when stressed and under pressure
  • Learn a technique to keep you energised and focussed while at the same time making you more productive
  • Learn an exercise which will instantly raise your mood, improve concentration, reduce stress and burn calories even if you have restricted movement

Sally Gunnell, Olympian, Speaker, Presenter & Sports Personality

“Kruger Cowne presents Olympic Gold Medallist Sally Gunnell”

Expertise, mentality, resilience; three factors that shaped Sally’s career. With them Sally hit some incredible highs and recovered from some devastating lows. Sally looks at the similarities between high performance in the world of sport, business and life.

  • Exploring the fundamental traits of winning, particularly focusing on mental attitude and goal setting
  • How to sustain high performance, and to cope with setbacks and disappointment
  • The importance of putting a team around me, who supported and prepared me for the moment when it was just me
  • The importance of visualization
  • Running your own race

Callum Gill, Head of Insight and Innovation at DRPG

“The Future of Live Experience”

Live experience is changing. External trends, new technologies and most importantly, new audience tolerances are reshaping the faces of both internal and external events. Callum will explore what we need to know now and how to ensure our future events still resonate with dramatically different delegates

  • The internal and external trends governing event futures
  • The demographics driving the change and why we can’t ignore their requirements
  • The technology available now and how it will evolve to dramatically alter our event perceptions

Why audiences will no longer tolerate our old methods of delivery and what they expect of us over the next decade