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Barmotion’s got a taste for events!

No branding appeals to the senses quite like food and refreshments. From thirst quenchers to tasty bites, and energising pick-me-ups that hit the spot, Barmotion adds a twist to your event that catches the eyes and the tastebuds of delegates.

Our Rock Star team has mastered their craft to perfection, enticing guests with the scent of freshly brewed coffee, the sight of melted chocolate, and the sound of popping corn. We know that first impressions are the most important! 

Whether you provide delegates with their first-morning coffee to wake their tired eyes or shake up their evening with a lush cocktail, we deliver your targeted messages in ways that go beyond placing your logo on coffee cups and napkins.

Our delicious offerings can even send guests on a round-the-world trip with every cup and in every bite. From delicious coffee and bubble tea to French crepes and lolly waffles, Barmotion serves up a wide offering that’s always on-brand and echoes your values and messaging in imaginative and engaging ways.

Nothing gets people talking like food. By offering more than just coffee, Barmotion facilitates conversation between businesses and their targets. Breaking bread strengthens bonds, improves social connection and creates shared experiences in ways traditional event marketing cannot, and we know that people’s well-being depends on interaction and connection, so that’s exactly what we give them. 

If you want to create an outstanding first impression, call us on 02382 124 570 or email us at info@barmotion.co.uk to plan your next event.


Stuart O'Brien

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