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ENTERTAINMENT MONTH: What are the most popular ways to keep your guests captivated?

As a corporate event management professional you’re continuously striving to elevate the attendee experience through innovative and engaging entertainment options. From galas and award ceremonies to conferences and team-building retreats, the choice of entertainment can significantly impact the success of your project. Here’s a look at some of the most popular types of corporate event entertainment, based on input from attendees at the Event Organisers Summit…

Live Music and Bands: Live music acts, ranging from classical quartets to rock bands, remain a timeless and universally appealing form of entertainment at corporate events. The choice of music can be tailored to fit the theme of the event or the preferences of the attendees, creating a lively and memorable atmosphere that encourages guests to relax and mingle.

Comedians and Comedy Acts: Hiring comedians or comedy troupes is a great way to inject humour and light-heartedness into corporate events. A well-chosen comedy act can break the ice among attendees, foster a fun environment, and provide a refreshing break from business discussions or presentations.

Magicians and Illusionists: Magicians and illusionists offer a unique form of entertainment that captivates audiences with their sleight of hand and mind-boggling performances. Whether it’s close-up magic mingling among guests or a stage show, magic acts are a popular choice for adding an element of wonder and intrigue to corporate events.

Speakers and Motivational Talks: Inspirational speakers or industry experts can provide engaging and thought-provoking entertainment. Motivational talks not only entertain but also educate and inspire attendees, adding substantial value to the event.

Interactive Workshops: Workshops that encourage participation, such as cocktail making, cooking classes, or art sessions, are increasingly popular. These interactive experiences not only serve as entertainment but also promote team building and skill development.

Technology-Driven Entertainment: Embracing technology, event professionals are increasingly incorporating virtual reality (VR) experiences, augmented reality (AR) displays, and interactive digital installations into corporate events. These tech-driven entertainment options offer immersive experiences that can be customised to align with the event’s theme or objectives.

Themed Photo Booths: Photo booths with themed props and backgrounds offer a fun, interactive way for attendees to capture memories of the event. Custom branding can also be incorporated, enhancing brand visibility and providing a takeaway that guests can share on social media.

From traditional live music and comedy to interactive workshops and cutting-edge technology experiences, the goal remains the same: to create engaging, memorable events that resonate with attendees. By carefully selecting entertainment that aligns with the event’s objectives and audience preferences, you can ensure their corporate events stand out and leave a lasting impression.

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